It was 10:25 in the morning, my socks were quacking against my Adidas Slides with each step, I was lost between the austere granite slabs of UAlbany’s campus, and yet I recall feeling content. The Albany Book Festival was back.

To be clear, last year’s event wasn’t cancelled-it was virtual…

Usually this blog is about writing, reading, and sometimes cats. Today, it’s about disappointment. Oh, and also football.

I’m a lifelong fan of the New York Giants. And by “lifelong,” I of course mean since my early high school days, when I discovered Madden for the Nintendo GameCube. It’s been…

“Bilbo and the Eagles” by Ted Nasmith

There’s a common question posed by readers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy: Is Tom Bombadil robotripping?

Also: Why didn’t the eagles help Frodo?

No, I’m not talking about the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles (thank god). Nor am I talking about the band (though now that you mention it, I’m…

The Charmin Bears are an abomination.

I might be coming in a little hot there. But really, the Charmin Bears are gross.

You know them. They’re that pack of multicolored ursine cartoons that have regular family meetings about the quality, texture, and thickness of their toilet paper. …

Whether written or read, every book is a lesson.

George R.R. Martin is one of the best I’ve ever learned from (and for more than just his gratuitous descriptions of food). GRRM’s writing has made an indelible impact on mine. …

Image from

Remember that time we ran into each other at that coffee shop, and you ordered that drink you like and I ordered that drink I like, and we sat at that table near the window, and then I started blabbing about Sandman? Remember that?

“Here we go,” you sighed.


One week ago, Monsters at Dusk turned one year old.

That was also Labor Day, so the party had to wait. So today, you’re invited to MAD’s belated birthday. The cake is coming, I swear.

In the meantime, as I did with my previous book, Gerald Barkley Rocks, I’d like…

Touchy subjects are interesting by nature. That’s why they’re fun to write about.

Take pineapple on pizza. People have exactly two opinions about pineapple on pizza:

  1. Pizzas should be topped with nothing else
  2. It makes a mockery of a perfectly good pie

I’ve somehow ended up in the middle on…

There are few things in life I hate more than tapas restaurants.

If you’ve never been before, here’s the gist. You don’t order normal meals at tapas places. Instead, you order several small plates which (surprise!) you’re expected to share with your tablemates. …

Ever wanted to learn about sales tax nexus?

Me neither. Unfortunately, I did anyway.

Sales Tax Nexus Explained (A.k.a. a Natural Sleep Inducer)

Sales tax nexus is a series of criteria one must meet before enforcing sales tax on products. You automatically establish nexus in the state where you live, but you can also expand into other states by…

Kyle A. Massa

A speculative fiction author living somewhere in upstate New York with his wife and their two cats.

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